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Tuesday, March 6, 2001
GUEST: no guest • HOST: Adam, Dr. Drew
3.66 (21 votes)
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Call Listing (1)
Time Duration Call
8:48 5:34
Chris, M, 27
Wants to know if you can catch any airborne diseases by having sexual intercourse in a 'Biohazard/contaminant' rooms with nurses.
death in the family, sex addiction, depression, marijuana/pot/weed
Comments (5)
Wednesday, 10/5/2016 at 6:37 PM EDT
Some _really_ screwed up people call in on this night. Don't say I didn't warn you! "Ether rag night"
Tuesday, 10/4/2016 at 3:45 PM EDT
Adam's in good shape comedically and in a good mood in this one (-must have got laid that day), and there's a good amount of interesting calls = Good Show.
Thursday, 3/10/2016 at 1:30 PM EST
Dear lord, Paul at 0:58:29 is disastrously annoying.
Saturday, 3/23/2013 at 7:05 AM EDT
Drew and Adam discuss Drew's judging gig for the Miss USA pageant. Drew voted for Ms. Texas (the eventual winner). He says he felt weird being in a position of judgement, and that basically his only criterion was he wouldn't pick a girl who looked like she doesn't eat. He also took into consideration their answers during the Q&A portion of the pageant.

Adam: "Now, what do they ask? Was one of the questions 'what would you rather do? Perform oral on your mom or have intercourse with your dad?'........because I would watch."
Friday, 2/10/2012 at 10:22 AM EST
More callers re: Santana High School shooting.
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